About Us

Origins and Aims

The late Sir David Nicolson MEP, founded the American European Business Association (AEBA) in London and New York in 1980 in consultation with the late Lord Roy Jenkins OM, PC, then President of the European Commission.

AEBA is a dynamic forum, of fewer than 30 select transatlantic corporate members, which promotes and facilitates lively and informed debate on key business, economic and political topics over lunch. The association’s chief goals are to improve and increase understanding and cooperation between the business community and governments in Europe and North America, so as to advance opportunities in the globalised world.

AEBA does this by bringing together senior international business, political, diplomatic, and academic representatives to engage in productive dialogue through the open exchange of views in an atmosphere of trust, which adds valuable insight behind today’s headlines. A major factor in the success of these debates is the diversity of the participants’ backgrounds, industries, and their shared interest in many of the issues under the spotlight. Limiting the number of participants to 22-25 people at each boardroom lunch guarantees added value for all concerned, resulting in dialogue of greater intensity and depth, yielding more tangible results. Meetings are governed by the Chatham House Rule.

AEBA is a non-partisan association.

Women Executive Forum (WEF)

The purpose of WEF is to create opportunities that help propel women in their careers by bringing together up and coming as well as established female executives to meet, network, and become inspired by the professional journey of a top female executive. These unique stories are shared strictly under Chatham House Rule.

WEF is a special luncheon series for the membership of AEBA.


Charlotte Laycock, Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Laycock comes to the American European Business Association after having worked at a senior level for high profile American media companies, including Time Warner and Dow Jones, in London, Paris and New York.  She thoroughly enjoys bringing together international business leaders and creating the environment for unique, confidential and insightful discussions to take place.

Charlotte received her B.A in European Studies with a concentration in French from Loughborough University and studied abroad at L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Lyon, France.